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Industries: Oil & Gas Filtration

Voyager Mobile Produced Water Recycling System

Oil & Gas filtration

Filtra-Systems is proud and humbled to have designed, engineered and manufactured to order industrial filtration and separation systems as well as mobile produced water recycling systems to the oil and gas industries and multinational customer base since 1979 including:

  • The "Voyager" Mobile Produced Water Recycling Systems
  • Walnut Shell Filters - Pressure Vessels
  • Walnut Shell Filters - API Tank Separators
  • Bag Filter Systems
  • And Many Many Other Filtration Systems

These industrial oil and gas filtration systems are used in a variety of locations and situations in the production process including:

  • Fracking Water Flowback (Produced Water)
  • In Steam Flood Fields
  • SAGD facilities
  • Offshore Production Wells
  • Formation Water
  • Disposal
  • And much much more.

The intimate knowledge of oil, gas and water filtration in the oil industry comes from skillfully and successfully designing, manufacturing and installing filtration systems for almost 40 years.

In addition to four decades of real-world feedback from clients around the world, our expert engineers have many important conversations with our manufacturing team to deliver many field tested and proven oil and gas filtration products on the market today.

Not sure what type of filter, filter housing or media is best for your operations? 

Our team of expert applications engineers will review your process and share strategies and options to help you avoid costly mistakes.

Call us directly at (248)-427-9090 or email us at info@csqlkkm.cn to discover more about these tested and proven oil and gas filtration products, systems and choices.



VOYAGER-Mobile Produced Water Recycling System

The VOYAGER is an effortless Turn-Key Mobile Produced Water Filtration System. It's ideal for cleaning up produced water, flowback, frac-on-the-fly, pond-to-pond, tank-to-tank transfer or recycling, all on-site. For More Information, case studies and a Free Demonstration, Call Filtra-Systems Now 248-427-9090.

STiR Industrial Water Filter

The STiR fluidization technology is unmatched among industrial water purification systems. Discover how STiR can remove suspended solids and oils from your water while easily and effortlessly doubling your throughput efficiency!

Walnut Shell Media Filter

ig彩票微信计划是真的吗Filtra-Systems' Walnut Shell Filter has numerous applications in different industries. Visit our website to learn how the Walnut Shell Filter can help you!

Bag Filter Housings

Filtra-Systems has provided safe and affordable bag filter housings to a wide range of industries for over four decades. Take a look at all these bag filter housing products here!

Bag Filter Media

We offer a variety of bag filters made from a range of materials to suit any water filtration application. Browse industrial filter bags from Filtra-Systems!

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